The courses here were developed by UNIMA courseware developers for use at Domasi College, Zomba

Further Calculus I is a continuation of MAT 100 which includes Algebra, Trigonometry and Introduction to calculus. In the  previous course, we integrated functions in powers of x and a few Trigonometric functions. In this course, we will look at how we can integrate a variety of functions. These functions represent more complex regions than the ones in the introductory course. Thus we will use different techniques to evaluate areas of more complex regions than the regular regions.

Technologies for Instructional Delivery is a course which aims at equiping skills of using computer technology and particulary e-learning in instruction delivery.
Curriculum Theory and Practices takes you through the journey that is involved in curriculum development processes. It introduces you to basic concepts of curriculum, curriculum determinants and curriculum planning models. It then tackles the development process itself, curriculum evaluation and change and innovations in curriculum theory and practice.
This course builds up on your knowledge of literature that you studied in your first year of studies here and during secondary school. The course will first of all introduce you to Shakespeare the person, his life and education. You will also be introduced to the prevailing philosophies about life in general and literature in particular that influenced Shakespeare's writing. Using a combination of online and face modes and a variety of activities, the course will expose you to a number of Shakespeare's tragedies, comedies, history plays and sonnets.